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I am a proven problem solver with over 15 years experience assessing and resolving a wide variety of manufacturing issues. I believe that coordinating a complicated project and developing a quality solution is not only possible, but repeatable. I am an innovative thinker and excel in adapting to situations that require urgent solutions. I have successfully lead teams that tackle some of this industries biggest and smallest problems including implementing product improvements, repairs, redesigns, custom machine automation, product modification, and prototyping. 

In addition to my professional skill set, I believe my personal interests make me a valuable part of this team as well. In 2020, our team competed on the Discovery Channel in season 10 of Battle Bots. We needed to adapt quickly to robot modifications while meeting production’s demanding competition schedule. By nature, I thrive in a fast paced atmosphere. Inventing and designing robots are only some of the tools that I will bring to Rework Partners. I will put my time and attention into every quality concern. I look forward to building lasting business relationships and the shared accomplishment of overcoming potential obstacles. Your success is our success!

Sean Moriarty

After spending the first 20 years of my career in finance, commercial insurance and risk management, I have spent the last 20 years in business ownership in both manufacturing and direct to consumer product marketing. The skills of assessing risk, problem solving and building a team that stays close our culture and goals has been a major reason for our continued success. Businesses are dependent on people more so than machines or intellectual property and creating an environment where they can thrive and continue to grow is the foundation of our ongoing efforts in the business world.   

I have learned that focusing on the fundamentals like, great personnel, efficient systems, fair pricing structures, customer service, outside expertise and owning our mistakes go a long way towards helping us stay viable in such a rapidly changing environment. I am excited to bring my experience and knowledge alongside your business and applying those skills to assist your team through Rework Partners. 

Christine Houston

With over 15 years of experience in crisis management, I can confidently say that I am here to help! Here at Rework Partners I am able to execute my passion for helping individuals and businesses find real solutions by leveraging my unique skill set in mechanics, carpentry, human resources and crisis management. I have found in both my career in sales and events that flexibility, determination, teamwork, precision, along with both creative and analytical thinking are vital to success. My ability to find a creative solution in nearly any situation has not only benefitted my clients in both sectors, but has also greatly contributed to my success professionally. I am honored to be a part of this team and I look forward to putting my experience and abilities to work to benefit your business and better your client and vendor relations as well!